The prescriptive exercise program is designed for the specific goals of the individual. Over 30 years of coaching clients to their health goals Tom Motzer has developed the success formula of R3. Realign, Restore and Reclaim takes any client no matter what the condition, pain, excess fat mass and goes through a scientifically proven system of success.

tell us what you want to reclaim?


When thinking of taking on a coach (trainer) to get to your optimal health and fitness goals you must understand that in Quebec there are NO standards as far as qualifications that a coach must be-NONE! That means that anyone can instruct in Quebec with little or no education and qualifications. 90% of trainers in Quebec have taken afternoon lecture and are now able to Instruct. 


Postural Position

Evans and Rosenberg, two researches from Tufts University came up with the 10 biomarkers for longevity, health and vitality in 1982. Their research holds true today.  Here are the top five;

  1. Your Muscle Mass-w/ it’s functional mobility
  2. Your Strength—w/it’s functional mobility
  3. Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  4. Your Body Fat Percentage
  5. Your aerobic Capacity

In italicized letters “with its functional mobility” has been added by Tom from his plus 30-years as a “Performance Coach”. Muscle mass and strength are not optimized if the person is unable to:

  • Go over
  • Go under
  • Go around
  • Go sideways
  • Rotate
  • Flex
  • Extend
  • Push
  • Pull

Any successful person that wants to pull the trigger on a goal must- I repeat MUST have an absolute clear target on their objective. Up above is the clear target. Tom’s clients have achieved this target for 30 years.

The Neuropsychology of Weight loss

Is it a disconnection or mind set or just a feeling of despair? The “you can do it” mind set is really secondary. It’s really biochemistry and getting the right macronutrients, at the right time, the right way and then the psychological mind set to continue and achieve your goal. 

Strategic psychology uses a system of C3: Conditioning, compelling reasons and control. Once the client has the right biochemistry of macronutrients with the right mind set using the 3 C’s. Weight loss is consistent where the client can better achieve their goal.

Workout Strategy

It’s important that the client understand their physical state. Someone once said “Everybody wants to look good-but first you have to feel good and then you can look good!”. Functional mobility is the foundation of longevity. So lets get it straight-structure dictates function and function dictates form. Therefore the workout must align with all the other objectives, which are; burning fat, increasing functional mobility, maintaining or increasing muscular mass, increasing your strength, increasing aerobic capacity which all effect blood pressure and other health biomarkers. I would say most people don’t know the target and most coaches don’t know how to attain it. That’s why Pep clearly has the advantage in the health care of clients.


Realigning what your body needs as far as what your brain wants are the big distinctions here. When most people think about Body Building they think muscles? True? But Body Building is really about science and the science of nutrition. Knowing what to eat to give you energy, stamina, focus, strength, muscle mass and low body fat is clearly a science. After 30 years of nutritional science the breakthrough is the biochemistry of the macronutrients you’re eating. Scientists now think that not only is food nutrients and building blocks of health. But now food is looked at as information.


Postural Position

Again injuries, pain and surgery (knee replacement, bunions, etc) come from dysfunctional postural position. Compensation ultimately results in poor performance, lack of mobility and unnecessary wear and tear of joints. The restore mode of postural engagement now strengthens the regained postural position from the realign mode. The clients body is learning to work as a unit again under load. This is important to know because again not only is the client returning to their original blueprint but also respecting the two first biomarkers of mass & strength!

The Neuropsychology of Weight loss

The Dictionary states the definition of Neuropsychology as; “The study of the relationship between behaviour, emotion and cognition on the one hand and brain function on the other.”

Now in the restore mode the client has new science based beliefs that empower their behaviour, emotion and cognition going forward. As well as the actual function of their brain is restored with the right nutrients from food and supplementation, timing of foods, increased brain drive and reduced brain fog. Body fat is starting to burn off the client where their organ health starts to improve, insulin is under better control and energy starts to increase.

Workout Strategy

As the client has increased the functional mobility, reduced small pains and tightness, improved strength, activated their muscle mass and increased their BMR. Restore mode starts to increase the demand. Transitioning from predominant postural realigning exercises to increased restoring or load bearing exercises. While taking into account; low intensity interval training, high intensity interval training while keeping in mind providing exercises that predominantly effect the postural position of a particular client which is program design.


Reclaim explained in one word is FREEDOM! It’s easy to get off track in life on what’s really important. Work or business, marriage, family and children all have precedence in our lives. Not exercising (or wrong exercising) because of work or family demands or just not making health a priority. Grabbing processed packaged food on the run, not sleeping, not supplementing and stress are now a thing of the PAST.

Reclaim mode is a celebration of your biology! That regardless of excess body fat, low or no energy, pain, reduced functional mobility or previous mindset….Realign, Restore now prepares you to Reclaim your life! Reclaim now sets the client in a profound understanding of nutrition and their personal genome. What are the macronutrient ratios that make the client feel good, perform and maintain lower body fat. An understanding of required supplements that are not in our food chain to maintain optimal health. Most importantly the ability to move pain free with ease! To be able to walk, dance, ski, jump, roll, climb, play tennis or golf. At 40, 50, 60 ,70 and beyond. To be able to do what most of us did in adolescence. Reclaim your life! Add life to your years and years to your life.