“I am very pleased to have taken this therapy and appreciate your guidance and encouragement, also your vision at our first meeting that I did not need an operation, that was the best news and motivated me to do the exercises every day. But I see that more than my knee is involved, the total posture is important.

I injured my knee, twisting it going down my basement stairs. There was no pain in that knee before, but it didn’t heal after resting for two weeks. I went to the emergency at that point and they did some examinations. No surgery was necessary according to the orthopedist, but I was having pain. My medical doctor suggested physiotherapy, which didn’t work and some painkillers, which did help, but unfortunately, they didn’t fix the underlying problem. Finally, the orthopedist told me a knee replacement was necessary as my knee was worn down to the rim. I unhappily accepted the verdict and was on a surgical waiting list. In the meantime, I was fairly mobile due to the painkillers. Having been on the waiting list for eight months out of a predicted fifteen, my family suggested that I try Pep 4 Pain (prescriptive postural exercise program) at Ph Sante Beauté. I was sceptical, but I tried. At the first treatment, Mr. Motzer did an examination and told me I didn’t need an operation, that correcting my posture would fix it. That was such good news and after trying the first exercises I felt better. I embarked in the program/therapy, I have to say it needs concentration and effort, but the results are almost instantaneous and get better and better. Mr. Motzer is supportive, he even reassured me that eating is sometimes the body’s need for comfort during pain. My added bonus is that doing this therapy has gradually diminished the need for comfort food, I have lost some weight.

This is the truth about my experience with Tom and Pep and the best is yet to come when I will only need maintenance. My whole family has remarked on my more upright posture. It wasn’t just the knee, but the total posture. I am very positive about the final outcome which will be walking and living an active pain free life again.

Debra D. 63 yrs.

“J’avais deux objectifs en tête: Dans un premier temps, tenter de diminuer la douleur au dos et dans les hanches dont je souffrais depuis environ 7 ans et de façon plus sévère et limitante depuis 2 ans. De plus, j’espérais retrouver une certaine aisance dans les gestes quotidiens.

J’ai entrepris ce programme après que la méthode Egoscue me fut recommandée par un proche qui a mon bien-être à coeur et en qui j’ai une grande confiance.

Aujourd’hui, après 3 mois à suivre mon programme personnalisé, voici où j’en suis: au réveil, je ne peux réprimer un sourire quand mon premier pas ne provoque aucune douleur. J’ai retrouvé une mobilité que je ne croyais plus possible: m’habiller, entrer et sortir de l’auto et du bain, prendre une grande marche, danser, accompagner ma famille dans nos activités,…

Avant de m’engager envers la méhode Egoscue, ma quête de mieux-être m’avait amenée à essayer diverses méthodes: à chaque fois,  je me suis imposé une période de 3 mois minimum avec discipline. Bien que certaines m’apportèrent un certain soulagement, aucune ne me libéra de la douleur et ne m’apporta une mobilité et une aisance que j’avais oubliées. 

C’est avec beaucoup de gratitude envers Tom Motzer, mon thérapeute de la méthode Egoscue, que je partage mon expérience. C’est lui qui est l’artisan de mon programme, qui accompagne mon évolution et adapte les exercises. Dès le premier rendez-vous il avait la vision de ce que j’allais transformer.

Je viens d’entreprendre un projet personnel qui m’était cher mais qui me semblait inaccessible jusqu’à tout récemment à cause de ma condition: cette liberté retrouvée me remplie d’espoir de continuer à accomplir tout ce que j’ai envie pendant de très nombreuses années à venir. 

Isabelle Verrier

“I wanted to take a few minutes to personally thank you for the exceptional work you have done with my son Travis Kehler.

Dear Tom,

I wanted to take a few minutes to personally thank you for the exceptional work you have done with my son Travis Kehler. He originally came to see you in late February after a knee dislocation in December. The physiotherapists he had seen had told him there was little chance of a complete recovery because he “grew too fast” and “he had weak knees”. After completely dashing his hopes of being fit again, I thought it might be time to try a new approach. Needless to say when I saw the first pictures you took of him, it started making perfect sense as to why he had knee problems, as well as back pain, neck pain, problems sleeping and concentrating. He was very tall, but a crooked teenager. He had been taking Advil on an almost daily basis to combat his constant pain and headaches, and really believed that he just grew too fast and would always have to deal with this pain. After just one week of week of performing the exercises from the program you designed for him. We saw a marked improvement. He stood up straighter, he checked his posture when it didn’t feel right, and most importantly, he stopped taking Advil. After two weeks, he was out of his knee brace and had had no problems since. The last pictures you showed me after 4 sessions with you literally made my jaw drop! He looks like a completely different person! He’s nearly straight, he’s grown an inch in height, has completely changed his posture, and brought up his makrs over 20 points int to key subjects. He still has some work to do, but I have absolute confidence that if he continues to do the programs you have put together for him, he will be a strong, fit and straight young man. I especially appreciate that you talked to him like an equal and used language and expressions he could relate to instead of making him feel like a patient. You’ve done an amazing job with him, and I just wanted to you to know how very much I appreciate your working with him.

Sarah Verhaaf


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